Reviews from some of our patients.

“I have been a happy dental patient of Dr. Levine for over 20 years! This is a five star dental office that goes above and beyond. Dr. Levine is extremely patient orientated, takes the time to explain everything, and is always checking to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. I like that she is thorough yet takes a conservative approach.

Dr. Levine also has the best staff ever. They have been with her for as long as I can remember, and seem very dedicated and caring. The hygienist is top-notch; she is especially knowledgeable about preventative care options.

The office is clean and organized. I know quite a few of Dr. Levine’s patents are also doctors, and they would certainly have high standards for who they choose for a dentist.”


“Just a note to tell you how much you’re appreciated…not only your excellent card, but also your warmth and kindness and continuing support. I for one LOVE going to see my dentist!”


“It was truly a pleasure meeting you and your staff! Truthfully, it was the best experience I’ve ever had at a dental office. Thank you! My teeth feel great!”


“Dr. Levine has been my dentist for years. She’s been a great help to me and the entire office is friendly and welcoming every time I’m here.”